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Moonlight Memoirs

Written by Maggie Mei Lewis Illustrated by Melody Lea Lamb

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In June of 2007, a young lady found my miniature paintings on eBay and asked me if I would illustrate her children's story. That began the long -delightful process of creating and publishing Moonlight Memoirs. Two truly interesting things about Maggie Mei Lewis are: she is adopted from China and she wrote Moonlight Memoirs at only thirteen years old! Over the course of our project, Maggie Mei, her mother Greta, and I worked together closely producing this wonderful (and well received) book

Moonlight Memoirs has won the following awards: 

2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (plus 2 other IBA awards).

The 2011 Da Vinci Eye Award for Outstanding Cover Design.

The 2010 Moonbeam Childrens Book Award.

Young Voices Foundation Seal of Approval.

These book awards are sponsored by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG), an organization that promotes professional standards in independent book publishing.

The back cover of Moonlight Memoirs reads:

“Two young mice venture outside one cold and snowy night. Their leisurely walk turns into a life-changing event when they meet a mysterious old mouse who beckons them to follow. This mouse - along with several other animal friends – each the two curious mice a comforting lesson about love's eternal nature.”

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